About Pet Pangaea


Two once-in-a-lifetime canines were the inspiration for Pet Pangaea — the hub of all things pet-related in Los Alamos County. Former Chief Canine Officers Hana (on the left) and Jasper (on the right) served from 2005 until 2009 and 2012, respectively. And although they have both crossed the rainbow bridge to that great dog store in the sky, their passion for great toys, food, treats, chews, grooming products and much more still inspires the daily operations at Pet Pangaea.

Like her former canine product-testers, store owner Cyndi Wells is dedicated to brining Los Alamos and its surrounding communities the very best the pet world has to offer. From dogs and cats to reptiles, small animals, birds, fish, and even horses and poultry, Cyndi and her staff ¬of dedicated pet-product specialists work tirelessly to find and stock a wide variety of quality supplies to meet the needs of all types of pets and pet owners.

Cyndi opened Pet Pangaea in 2005 after the only existing pet store in the county closed its doors, and she grew weary of making the hour-long trek to Santa Fe to buy dog food. (Pet Pangaea LLC is not in any way related to the store that was in Los Alamos up until 2004.) Knowing that the Los Alamos community deserved a place to buy quality supplies at good prices, Cyndi began the process of making her vision a reality.

She planned the store from the perspective of what would make her happy as a customer, and the result is a store that not only serves as a place for the citizens of Los Alamos County to purchase their pet supplies, but is also a hub of the local pet community, hosting regular events in support of the local animal shelter, pony club, and other animal-related organizations.

As a Ph.D. chemist and former Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) employee, Cyndi is especially interested in the field of pet nutrition, and enjoys taking a good, hard look at the ingredients that go into any bag of food Pet Pangaea stocks. She is also a member of both Mountain Canine Corps, a local search and rescue organization, and Los Alamos Friends of the Shelter. And as if all that wasn’t enough, she’s also an avid triathlete and founding member of the Triatomics Multisport Club.

Cyndi continued to work at LANL until 2008, working over 100 hours a week between LANL and the store for 3 years, so she is, obviously, not sane. But, if you see her in the store, don't worry. She is friendly and has never bitten. Pet Pangaea LLC also employs a great crew of friendly folks, eager to help you and your pet in any way we can.

Pet Pangaea General Store Information

We are located at 158 Central Park Square. Our phone number is (505) 661-1010.  Click here for hours and holiday closures!

If you have a pet supply emergency after hours, please contact us through our pet panic hotline.

If you would prefer to shop at a different time, please let us know, either through the "Contact Us" link above or in person at the store.
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you better.

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